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Increase the safety of your garage door or outdoor gate with this high-quality surface-mounted key switch from Schellenberg. Electric garage doors, swing gates or sliding gates can be opened and closed easily with the key switch.  The casing is solid and water proof and is able to control up to two garage doors. Three keys are included in the delivery.  In case the key switch becomes integrated with an existing mater key, the lock box can be replaced. This key switch works for all outdoor gates and garage doors as well as tubular motors for the rolling shutters from the Schellenberg Company. Besides the key, no other accessory is needed to control the garage door with the Schellenberg key switch.




  • Suitable for outside and inside
  • Key switch for garage doors, door motors, electric door openers, tubular motors (rolling shutter) etc.
  • For surface-mounting on the wall; no chiseling necessary
  • Particularly suitable for commercial use
EAN Number 4003971251019
Width (mm) 83 mm
Height (mm) 83 mm
Depth (mm) 55 mm
Preformance Aufputz
Color gray
Installation Instructions-25101 1.63 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • For indoor and outdoor areas
  • Key switch for garage doors, outdoor gates, electric door openers, tubular motors, etc.
  • For surface mounting on the wall; no chiseling necessary
  • Particularly suitable for commercial applications

Installation Instructions

  • Pry open the cover of the key switch with a screwdriver
  • Loosen the cover screw
  • Turn the key to the left and pull off the cover
  • Open the lock by turning it to the left and removing it from the casing
  • Remove the switch and wire it, then reinsert it into the case and carefully put away the cables
  • Further assembly is described in the reverse order as listed under bullets 1 to 4

Please let all electrical work be carried out by authorized personnel!

To connect with the garage door motor the connection cable will be necessary (included in delivery). The cable length can reach a maximum of 32 feet. Connection cable: 2 x 0.5 mm²

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