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Thanks to the Schellenberg Wireless Key Pad with a protective flap, you can control up to four outdoor gates or garage doors with just one number code.

Convenient Door Opening

Electric garage doors can be easily controlled with a key pad on the outside wall. To open the door simply type in your code to the key pad. With the correct combination the key pad sends a wireless signal to open the garage door.

This key pad is also highly versatile because it can be used to control up to 4 garage doors. The wireless key pad is compatible with the following garage door motors from Schellenberg: DRIVE 600P / DRIVE 700P / DRIVE 850P / ECO / DRIVE S / TWIN 2000 / TWIN 3000 / TWIN 4000 / TWIN 5000 / SLIDE 400 / SLIDE 5000.

SCHELLENBERG TIP:  Together with the external wireless receiver GTA from Schellenberg (It. No. X0156) the key pad can be used to control garage door motors from other manufactures.

Security for your Home

The wireless key pad from Schllenberg does not only provide easy control of your outdoor gate or garage door but also increases the security of your home.

The number code for the key pad is created by you. You can choose a four or five numbered pin code. The entry of the data will be confirmed both visually and audibly.

Simple Installation, Easy Control

Secure your electric key pad with surface mounting on the garage wall or on an outdoor wall. The key pad has a range of up to approx. 49 feet. For the installation of the key pad no cables are necessary. 

Even when it is dark the illuminated key pad offers easy operation and programming. For sliding and swing gates both full opening and partial opening can be programmed. If the battery in the key pad dies, the programmed commands will still be retained.



  • Electric control of garage doors, swing gates and sliding gates with a pin code by wireless key pad
  • High security through individually selected number code (four or five numbers)
  • Control up to 4 different garage doors
  • Easy operation (illuminated key pad)
  • Easy installation (surface-mounted) and programming
  • No laying of cables necessary (signal is sent to the garage motor wirelessly)
  • Data retention even with empty batteries
EAN Number 4003971200581
Width (mm) 65 mm
Height (mm) 128 mm
Depth (mm) 27 mm
Preformance Aufputz
Color Anthracite

Product in use


  • Electric control for garages and outdoor gates per wireless code
  • Electric control of up to 4 different motors
  • Security of door control through the number code via the key pad
  • Surface mounting outside
  • Compatible with the following Schellenberg garage door motors: DRIVE 600P / DRIVE 700P / DRIVE 850P ECO / DRIVE S
  • Compatible with the following Schellenberg swing gate motors: TWIN 2000 / TWIN 3000 / TWIN 4000 / TWIN 5000
  • Compatible with the following Schellenberg sliding gate motors: SLIDE 400 / SLIDE 5000

Helpful Hints for Installation

For installation and programming of the Schellenberg key pad please refer to the detailed and illustrated manual included in the delivery.

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