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The Wireless Auto Sender in plug form for our Schellenberg door openers is simply integrated into the cigarette lighter receptacle in your car. It is characterized by a particularly intuitive operation.

Practical and comfortable door opening

This Schellenberg wireless radio transmitter for cigarette lighter receptacles is not only small and manageable, but it can always be found in the same place in your vehicle. Time consuming searches for the remote control will become a thing of the past. Even battery replacement is no longer required, as electrical supply is provided through the cigarette lighter receptacle (12 Volt).

2 channel wireless transmitter with easy operation

This auto sender reliably controls your outer gate and garage door opener. It can also control up to two garage door openers with a wireless frequency of 433 MHz . Every door or gate is then set with one button, so that uncomplicated operation is possible even in the dark. The readiness is displayed through LED lights. Our Schellenberg door openers for the series SLIDE, TWIN and DRIVE P are especially quickly and easily programmed. The range of the wireless transmitter is approx. 20-30 meters. The signal functions over secure scan coding, so that unwelcomed entrance through your garage door or outdoor gate is denied.

SCHELLENBERG TIP:The wireless range is approx. 30 m. Vehicles, mobile telephones, audio equipment, walls and garage doors that are between the garage door opener and the wireless transmitter may reduce the range. Schellenberg therefore guarantees the functionality up to a range of 20 meters with the door closed. The range can be increased to 40 m with a receiver antenna on the outside of the garage door (Schellenberg outdoor antenna for garage doors, It. No.: 60014).


  • wireless transmitter is with the cigarette lighter receptacle always convenient to reach (permanent location in the vehicle)
  • power supply through the cigarette lighter receptacle (12 Volt)
  • to operate up to 2 garage door or gate openers with two separate buttons
  • easy programming with the garage door or gate opener
EAN Number 4003971608592
Width (mm) 36 mm
Height (mm) 36 mm
Depth (mm) 52 mm
Color Anthracite
Operating Mode Wireless
Installation Instructions-60859 5.89 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use


Assembly Advice

The Schellenberg Radio Transmitter for the cigarette lighter receptacle includes detailed installation instructions with delivery. There you can find how to program your garage door or gate to the radio transmitter. Then, insert the Schellenberg Auto Sender in the cigarette lighter receptacle.

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