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With the Garage Door Motor DRIVE 850 P from Schellenberg opening and closing your garage door is easily and conveniently done from the driver’s seat of the car.


Easily open your garage door with the touch of a button


 Even when it’s dark, windy and bad weather you won’t need to get out of your to close and open the garage door, thanks to the Schellenberg Garage Door Motor that can be conveniently controlled by a wireless remote control or with a Smartphone from inside the car. Two hand held remote controls are included in the delivery. The TÜV and safety approved garage door motor from Schellenberg features a maximum pulling force of 154 pounds or 700 Nm and can therefore open and close garage doors with an area of up to 107 ft². The thermal protection prevents the motor from overheating.


Protection from Burglars and Safe Functions


After closing the garage door the Schellenberg garage door motor electrically and automatically locks the door. That way any unwelcomed attempts to enter will not be possible. Even during a power failure is the gate mechanically locked. The external emergency release ensures that you can release the mechanical lock and manually open and close the garage door from inside and outside. It can even be used for garage doors that were previously unlocked and opened with a key and handle. When the emergency release is installed, the connection between the door and the garage door motor can be broken with the key and handle. All programmed commands remain even after a power failure.

The electronic obstacle detection protects people, objects as well as the garage door itself from damage. It automatically stops the opening and closing of the door when it encounters obstacles.

The soft start and stop function prevents the abrupt opening and closing of the garage door when it reaches its endpoints. By reducing the driving speed, the material is also protected.

The sensor ensures precise closing and opening of the garage door at the set endpoints.


Simple Installation


The assembly and programming of the Schellenberg Garage Door Motor Drive 700 P is simple thanks to the detailed installation instructions. The universal and pre-greased drive chain requires little maintenance and has a long service life.

SCHELLENBERG TIP:  Increase the comfort of your garage door opener with an internal button or a coding switch from the assortment from Schellenberg. The Schellenberg light barrier provides additional security.



  • Garage door conveniently and easily opened from the driver’s seat of the car
  • Powerful motor
  • Secure application
  • 2 2-channel remote controls included (range approx. 98 ft)
  • 4 year guarantee
  • TÜV and GS approved
EAN Number 4003971609704
Width (mm) 3200 mm
Height (mm) 185 mm
Depth (mm) 140 mm
Tensile Force (kg) 70 kg
Tensile Force (Nm) 700 Nm
max. tensile force (kg) 70 kg
max. door area m² 10.0
max. door leaf width 4.20 meter
emergency release, outdoor yes
remote control 2
motor guarantee 5
obstacle detection yes
Color Anthracite

Product in use



  • For outwards swinging standard doors
  • For sectional doors
  • For doors with a maximum area of 107 ft² with a maximum height of 6.5 feet
  • For doors with a maximum weight of 154 lbs  (pulling force: max 700 N)
  • Door width: max. 13 feet
  • Ceiling distance: minimum 3.5 cm
  • Only mount in a dry room
  • Keep away from water
  • For ceiling mounting

Helpful Hints for Installation


Please be aware of the minimum ceiling distance before mounting the Schellenberg Garage Door Motors.

  • Connect the rails together
  • Assemble the motor head and chain. The chain and the running rail are pre-assembled
  • Attach the motor to the ceiling or lintel and onto the garage door
  • Hook up- Please let electric work be carried out by authorized personnel only!
  • Start up

Warning: When installing the sectional door, refer to manufacturer’s information for specifics on electrical equipment. Special fittings might be necessary.

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