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Smart technology for your house automation

With the intelligent Smart Home Central SH1, all Smart Home Products from Schellenberg are connected with each other so that they can be operated with the Schellenberg Smart App. That way you can control your smart devices through your smartphone or tablet from any place in the world*. With the SH1, you can decide how and when your Smart Home Components are operated together. With your programmed functions, the smartphone or tablet actions are carried out from the SH1 within seconds. The SH1 works via the LAN port on your router and gains access to the Internet and Wi-Fi. Storage is done exclusively on the SH1 in your own home, therefore all information and personal settings are stored safely.

Functional design for intelligent living

The SH1 scores not only in technical terms, but also convinces its sophisticated functionality with its timeless and clean design. Depending on your preference, the SH1 can be stand free or be secured on the wall. These positions are possible with two housing pieces, which can be connected together. Whether you decided to let it strand free or secure it to the wall: the sockets are still comfortably reached and the covered cabling provides a neat look.

Even when on the road, you have control of the devices in your home

The basis app for control through your internet, is possible through the free download in Google Play Store or in the ITunes Store. Through the connection and control via your Internet, is the function "Outdoor Control" possible. After 3 free trial months, the "Outdoor Control" is offered for €19.99/24 months. No subscription and no automatic continuation. With internet usage additional prices through ISP or service providers may apply.

Easy integration of smart components

You can decide, which product is best integrated in your home automation. Through the modular assembly of the Smart Home System from Schellenberg, allows for each step to be carried out according to your personal needs. Ready to install wireless components from Schellenberg are easily and trouble-free connected to the Smart Home Central SH1 with the Schellenberg Smart System.

The following Smart Home Products from Schellenberg can be connected and operated through the Smart Home Central SH1:

  • Wireless Tubular Motor PREMIUM
  • Wireless Awning Drive PLUS
  • Wireless Receiver Module
  • Wireless Receiver Switch
  • Awning Motor PLUS 50
  • Wireless Remote Control 1 Channel
  • Wireless Remote Control 5 channel
  • Wireless timer
  • Wireless timer PREMIUM
  • Wireless Indoor Outlet
  • Wireless Outdoor Outlet
  • Wireless Thermostat
  • Wireless Safety Alarm Handle
  • Wireless Light Switch
  • Wireless Light Module
  • Garage Door Opener Smart DRIVE SD10 and SD14


  • high-performance control central
  • Control of several hundred Schellenberg Wireless Products possible
  • Internet and Wi-Fi access through LAN connection on your router
  • high data safety, as all data is saved on your SH1 in your house
  • easy to reach outlets even with covered cabling
  • incl. 1 LAN cable (1.5 m), 1 power cord incl. 1.5 m connection cable, material to mounting as well as detailed instructions
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