If you want all the benefits and comforts of having wirelessly controlled roller shutters without replacing your current shutter motor you can use the wireless receiver module from Schellenberg. With this you can quickly and easily retrofit your roller shutter motors and awning motors to be wirelessly controlled.

Make Every Tubular Motor Wireless


The wireless receiver module offers you the possibility to control your used tubular motor wirelessly. The receiver module is simple built with flush mounting into the shutter box or mounted in a connection box on the wall and connected with the tubular motor. With the Schellenberg wireless receiver module you can wirelessly open and close your shutters, or stop the motor as well as change the direction of the motor. The wireless receiver module can be used with all Schellenberg STANDARD roller shutter motors and STANDARD awning motors with mechanically set end points. Even non-wireless tubular motors with mechanically set end points from other manufactures can be easily upgraded.

Comfortable Wireless Control of your Roller Shutters


As soon as your roller shutter motors or awning motors is set up with the receiver module you can control them with wireless controls or the wireless timer from Schellenberg. To control the wireless receiver module you can choose wireless controls from the Schellenberg assortment. The Schellenberg 1-channel wireless remote control (It. No. 20015 and 20016), the 5-channel remote control (It. No. 20016 and 20020), the Schellenberg wireless timer (It. No. 20031) and the wireless timer PREMIUM (It. No. 20032) are all compatible. The communication between the channel and the wireless actuator is done through a low-interference frequency of 868 MHz with a range of approx. 65-70 feet inside.

SCHELLENBERG TIP: Per channel (operating level) up to five drives can be controlled simultaneously. With the 5-channel remote control and the wireless timer PREMIUM up to 25 drives can be controlled in five groups. All drives in one group are controlled simultaneously.

Quick Retrofitting and Simple Installation


The wireless receiver module has a compact design. The installation is quick and simple in flush boxes (60 mm diameter, 40 mm depth). It can also be installed in junction boxes. With a waterproof junction box (IP65) the wireless receiver module can also be installed outside for awning motors.



  • Ability to retrofit roller shutter motors and awning motors with comfortable wireless control
  • Easy installation, compact design
  • Good frequency (868 MHz)
  • Various possibilities for controls
EAN Number 4003971200178
Item Number INT 20018
Width (mm) 45 mm
Height (mm) 45 mm
Depth (mm) 25 mm
Preformance Unterputz
Color black

Product in use


  • Can retrofit roller shutter motors and awning motors with comfortable wireless control
  • For tubular motors with mechanically set end points
  • To use with wireless controls from Schellenberg for roller shutters and awnings
  • For flush mounted boxes 60 mm in diameter
  • For junction boxes (IP54) with roller shutter boxes
  • Also for awning motors outside with a junction box (IP65)

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Flush mounting box, 60 mm in diameter distance between holes, min. 40 mm depth
  • Surface mounting, assembled in specific enclosure, outdoor junction box (IP65)

Operation only with Schellenberg Wireless Remote Control or Schellenberg Wireless Timer

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