Control the tubular motor of your roller shutters easily and manually through this Roller Shutter Knob from Schellenberg. Turning the knob allows you to open or close your shutters. The turning of the knob can very easily adjusted through the removal of the clutch plate from the latching function. With an installation depth of 25 mm this toggle switch from Schellenberg is suitable for flush-mounting in a switch box.



  • Straightforward operation (manual control of the tubular motor)
  • Easy to switch from switch to latching function
  • Comfortable stand-alone solution
  • Simple installation
EAN Number 4003971250036
Item Number INT 23006
Width (mm) 80 mm
Height (mm) 80 mm
Depth (mm) 50 mm
Preformance Unterputz
Color white

Product in use

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Assemble the knob in the switch box

Please let electrical work be carried out by authorized personnel!

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