With this 1 channel wireless remote control from Schellenberg in black you can control your shutters and awning quickly, easily and comfortably- and from exactly where you are.

Controlling your shutters from your sofa


With the practical wireless control you can operate your shutters and awnings at your own leisure and with the Schellenberg wireless remote control 1 channel you can control up to 5 shutters and awning motors with a simple touch of a button. All motors then in the same group will be controlled at the same time.

Modern and Comfortable


The remote control is remarkably reliable because the signal works over a frequency of 868 MHz. The Schellenberg wireless remote control has a range of up to 65 feet inside the building. The operation complies with the R&TTE Directive requirements. Thanks to the included wall holder your wireless control is always ready to be used. Operation is easily done with the three large buttons and the LED lights that signify different functions.


Wide Range of Applications


The wireless remote controls both individual wireless products as well as up to five wireless motors at a group.  Use the 1 channel remote control from Schellenberg for your PREMIUM WIRELESS roller shutter motors from Schellenberg, the Schellenberg wireless awning motor PLUS 50 or the Schellenberg wireless awning motor PLUS. Tubular motors from other manufactures or Schellenberg tubular motors or electric awnings without wireless modes, can be retrofitted with a Schellenberg wireless receiver module or a Schellenberg wireless receiver switch.

The electric belt winder ROLLODRIVE 65 PREMIUM can be connected with the wireless remote control.




  • Comfortable control from roller shutter motors and awning drives by remote control
  • Stopping, opening/closing of all wireless motors can be done at the same time as a group
  • Range of up to 65 feet inside
  • Function signal with LED lights
  • Inclusive wall holder to glue or screw onto the wall and 2 batteries
  • R&TTE approved
EAN Number 4003971200192
Item Number INT 20022
Width (mm) 40 mm
Height (mm) 125 mm
Depth (mm) 18 mm
Color black
Operating Mode Wireless
Installation Instructions-20019 8.36 MB / Adobe Acrobat File Download

Product in use



  • Wireless control for electric roller shutter and electric awning motors from Schellenberg
  • To control a wireless product or as a central control for up to 5 wireless drives
  • Room temperature: 32˚ to 122˚ Fahrenheit

The following products can be controlled with a 1 channel remote control from Schellenberg:


  • Schellenberg PREMIUM wireless tubular motors
  • Schellenberg STANDARD tubular motors as well as roller shutters from other manufactures when they are retrofitted with Schellenberg wireless receiver module (It. No. 20017)
  • Schellenberg wireless awning motor PLUS 50 (It. No. 20277)
  • Schellenberg awning motor STANDARD 40 (It. No. 20273) when it is retrofitted with a Schellenberg wireless receiver module (It. No. 20017)
  • Schellenberg wireless awning PLUS (It. No. 20268)
  • Electric belt winder ROLLODRIVE  65 PREMIUM from Schellenberg (It. No. 22767)

Helpful Hints for Installation


  • Attach the wall holder for the wireless remote control with the assembly set  on the wall
  • Follow the installation instructions and program the tubular motor to the remote control in a few simple steps
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