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the alarm system in the window handle

Burglars often try to break-into buildings through the window or balcony or terrace doors. Exactly at these sensitive places are the wireless safety alarm handles from Schellenberg installed. The stable window handle operates as a unobtrusive alarm system, as soon as it is integrated in the SCHELLENBERG Smart Home System.

As soon as the window or balcony/terrace door is closed with the wireless safety alarm handle, is the alarm set and reacts to any opening attempts or vibration. No separate glass breaking sensor is necessary!
When you are not home, the two regularly blinking red lights function as a optical deterrence.
For maximum safety the wireless safety alarm handle can be connected with the Schellenberg wireless outlet, so that during a break-in attempt a separate siren sounds or the lights are activated.

Comfortable display of the window status via app

The wireless safety alarm handle from Schellenberg offers a very special comfort through the display of the window status: the setting of the handles can be seen in the blink of an eye!
When you leave the house, it is easy to see which window is open, cracked or closed. If a break-in is attempted, the alarm function of the wireless safety alarm handle provides an effective
acoustic deterrence (120 bDA, measured exiting sound) and sends notification to your mobile device.

Easy assembly in a few minutes for many window frames

Assembly as well as operation is thankfully very easy: in a few minutes your usual handle is replaced with this unobtrusive safety solution
on your window frame. The handle allows itself to be installed to the left or right due to the 4 ball catch and with its square pin standard can be adjusted (length of 32 - 43 mm) onto most window frame.

Fitting to your window frame you can select from the wireless safety alarm handle from Schellenberg in the color white or sliver-gray.

Width (mm) 36 mm
Height (mm) 144 mm
Depth (mm) 75 mm
Color silver

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