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Window and door stopper

Window and door stopper, dark blue Item-no. 66304
Window and door stopper

The clever window and door stopper from Schellenberg is the perfect solution if you are searching for a versatile window and door stopper! Through its innovative design there are numerous ways to use the window and door stopper: as a stopper for windows and doors, as a protection for door corners, as a bookend and much more.  Your imagination knows no boundaries! Choose this versatile window and door stopper from Schellenberg in white and start a trend with this must-have accessory!

Application Examples:


  • Do you want to make sure your window doesn’t close on its own when you open it? The solution: the window stopper keeps the window open, preventing you from having to look for an improvised solution.
  • Do you only want your window open slightly? The solution: the window stopper can keep your window open in your preferred position.
  • Do you want to make sure the door doesn’t close behind you? The solution: the door stopper from Schellenberg will make sure to keep your door from closing
  • Do you want to air out your house and be sure that your balcony door stays open? The solution: the door stopper will reliably hold your door open in the desired position and will thereby also help save energy.
  • Do you want to prevent any damage to your furniture? The solution: The solution: the window and door stopper is your remedy.



  • Versatile
  • Keeps windows and doors open in the desired position
  • Prevents the closing  of the window or door during strong drafts
  • Helps when airing out and saves energy
  • An end to your improvised solutions to air out your house
  • Protects windows, doors and furniture from damage
  • Non-slip material: holds on tiling, PVC, laminate, parquet, carpet, marble, plastic and aluminum
  • Long lasting and weather resistant plastic
  • Always  where you need it: storage on the window or door handles possible
  • Color: white


EAN Number 4003971663041
length (mm) 121 mm
Width (mm) 86 mm
Height (mm) 121 mm
Depth (mm) 20 mm
Color Blue

Product in use


  • Versatile
  • Window stopper
  • Door stopper
  • Door corner protection
  • Bookend
  • And much more
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