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Safety Alarm Handle

Alarm Handle white, 37 mm Item-no. 46501 46506
Safety Alarm Handle

The alarm handle in white from Schellenberg has an inconspicuous alarm system integrated in the window handle. Simply switch out your traditional window or balcony handle with the alarm handle from Schellenberg and protect your home with this alarm system. The handle is made of aluminum die-casting and reacts to vibrations on the screen such as when it is attempted to be opened. As soon as the alarm is activated, an alarm signal sounds for 180 seconds (a volume of 115 dBA). Burglars will be shocked by the alarm and will immediately stop trying to break in. At the same time the house owner will be warned. The alarm function (on/off) is controlled by turning the handle-no switch is necessary. A signal will sound two times to signify that the handle is active. Installation is done in 5 minutes with a few simple steps. The alarm handle can be used for windows and terrace doors that are left and right hinged. It is installed with 2 standard window screws and with a standard square the length of 37 mm. It’s activated 24 hours a day and can be used for windows with an area of 32 ft². The alarm handle from Schellenberg does not require any necessary power source as it only uses two traditional AAA batteries.



  • Reacts to vibrations on the screen and any attempts to be opened; for windows and doors
  • Alarm signal that sounds for 180 seconds with 115 dBA (measured sound output)
  • Case made of die-cast aluminum
  • Power source 2x AAA batteries (included in delivery)
  • Maximum glass area of 32 ft²
  • 24 hours a day activated by closed windows and doors
  • A quick and easy upgrade done in a few minutes
  • Color: white
  • Made in Germany
EAN Number 4003971465010
Item Number INT 46506
Width (mm) 36 mm
Height (mm) 136 mm
Depth (mm) 66 mm
pin length (mm) 37.0 mm
Color white

Product in use



  • For window, balcony, or terrace doors
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