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Custom Made Rolling Shutters – Made to Measure for Self-Assembly – Made in Germany

We manufacture mounted rolling shutters or rolling shutters according to your individual ideas and dimensions. Choose the color of your roller shutters and transform your shutters to fit the design of your house.

Rolling shutters not only help you save energy, but also offer a variety of other practical advantages. When closed they provide you with sound insulation, frost protection, heat insulation, sun protection, insect protection, privacy….

Roller Shutter Box

The roller shutter box is made of high quality aluminum with thick-film paint. The access panel is equipped with hinges that allow it to be easily opened at any time for maintenance. Design your exterior with the round shutter box. The combination of design and technology will visually enhance your house. The classic roller shutter box forms a 20 degree and 45 degree slant and thus ensure the best possible light on your window.


Rolling Shutters

While renovating take the opportunity to replace worn or defective shutters. While remodeling, you can save money by simply installing the new rolling shutters themselves. We deliver rolling shutters for self-assembly, which are manufactured accurately according to your specifications. Special transportation packaging ensures damage free delivery.

Aluminum or Plastic?

The aluminum rolling shutter profiles in premium quality are suitable for large windows and enhance security against burglary. The double walled design is packed with CFC-free insulating foam, providing optimum insulation. Through this collaborative system, the shutters are extremely durable and light. The aluminum shutters are as light as plastic shutters and highly resistant to UV light, heat, cold and rain. A thick lacquer coating provides a high-quality appearance for many years.

Our reasonably priced plastic rolling shutter profiles are made of solid-colored, weather resistant PVC. The multi-chambered system provides a high degree of stability.

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