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Awning motors from Schellenberg with the touch of a button providing the perfect shade!


·         Electric awning for optimal shade and comfortable control

·         Upgradable motor solutions for all common awnings

·         Professional installation from Schellenberg-awning motors at a fixed price-with the Schellenberg Installation Service


For those who want to enjoy a well-shaded terrace in the summer from an awning. The classic, exhausting crank will no longer have to be used-with the upgraded, electric awning motor the hand crank will be a thing of the past. Schellenberg, the leading provider of innovative home improvement products for windows, doors and gates, offers a wide range of upgraded systems for electrical and wireless based control. These are easy to install and ensure that you are ready for comfort with the approaching summer.


Schellenberg offers for almost any kind of awning a suitable retrofit solution in the form of an electric motor. That way the range of the battery-powered awning crank is large enough to be controlled with wireless operation. The products of Schellenberg are designed for self-assembly and designed for easy and independent operation. Even older awnings that have had many hours on sunshine are easy to upgrade.


Unpack, install, ready to go- the electric awning crank


The entry into the world of electric awnings begins with the electrical awning crank. This convenient solution is hung like the classic hand crank in the awning and is immediately ready to be used. A powerful engine, which is powered by a battery, then takes over the rotating movement. Since the device is only hooked, it is easy to transport and therefore suitable for use on vacations (apartment and camping), in the commercial sector (e.g. catering) or can be taken to your next apartment.


The perfect upgraded solution for easy installation- the PLUS Awning Motor


The PLUS Awning Motor is hung on the eye of the awning. It is attached to the wall by means of a mounting plate, which is secured with two screws in the wall. Operation is either via the buttons on the motor or wirelessly with a remote control (available separately). With this remote control the motor can be conveniently controlled from the terrace. And thanks to the battery operation of the PLUS Awning Motor, it can be installed without power supply and is thus ideally suited for self-installation.

Integrated solution for maximum comfort- awning motors from Schellenberg


The awning motors from Schellenberg create durable and non-visible solutions for large awnings. These are mounted in the awning shaft and there open and close the awning. Once programmed, the motor will remember the appropriate endpoints and drive the awning, depending on the model, by the touch of a button or by a wireless remote control to the desired position. All awning motors from Schellenberg are supplied ready to install with motor bearings and adapter set. Those who opt for the model with the wireless module, as well as other wireless options (e.g. rolling shutter motors) from Schellenberg can comfortable use the remote control from the terrace or sofa (available separately).


The Schellenberg Installation Service: Expert Installation at a Fixed Price!


Those who don’t want to install the Schellenberg awning motor themselves can be helped by professionals-thanks to the Schellenberg Installation Service. Qualified service personnel from Schellenberg’s Installation Service come directly to customers and provide services at a fixed price. This means a clean and flawless installation including warranty without financial risk! Of course, this service also applies to many other products from Schellenberg’s assortment.

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