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In no time a reliable insect protection- the flexible Magnetic Insect Screen from Schellenberg

Whether mosquitoes, moths, gnats, wasps, ticks or spiders - insects disturb the living environment. Often these annoying little critters create small holes in the wall. With the magnetic insect screen, Schellenberg offers an innovative insect protection that can be installed on every window – without drilling or screwing.  Thanks to magnetic technology, the frame can be easily removed at any time, while cleaning for example. The use of high-quality tape ensures optimum adhesion as well as residue-free removal, thus it is ideal for tenants.

Insect free in a few simple steps

The magnetic insect screen has two components, the actual insect screen frame and the magnetic band attached to the window. From the plastic profile the insect screen frame is perfectly fitted by means of corner connectors.

Finally, the magnetic band is inserted in the profile, which stabilizes the fiber glass material as well as makes it crease free. To secure the system to the window then, only the measured magnetic strip is attached to the window frame. After completing these few steps the flexible magnetic insect screen from Schellenberg is ready in no time.

The complete set includes all necessary components

The complete set includes all components for the window with dimensions from 120 cm x 100 cm with magnetic insect screen equipment. The UV and weather resistant fiber glass material-in anthracite for optimal view- provides lifelong insect protection. In addition, an optional mount bracket is included, which can be installed in particularly windy areas.

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