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Garage Door Motors

For what kind of garage doors can the motors be used?

After programming the second remote control, the first remote control no longer works.

Changing programmed routes.

The red LED light on the motor head blinks.

Can all garage door motors be enhanced with additional operating elements (key-operated switch, etc)?

How much space will I need for my garage door motor?

Where are the remote controls?

How far does the range of the remote controls reach?

Tubular Motors

What difference in tubular motors should I be aware of?

In which direction is the tubular motor built into the shaft?

I don’t want to trade out my already built in 7 cm octagonal shaft.

Are both screws for the endpoints necessary while installing?

The open and close functions are switched.

Do I have the ability to reprogram endpoints?

My tubular motor shows no reaction.

Where can I get extra parts?

Which tubular motor is right for me?

How do I reprogram my premium tubular motor?

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