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Usually, burglars try to break in through windows or balcony and terrace doors. Exactly at these sensitive places on buildings the Wireless Safety Alarm Handle from Schellenberg functions at its best. The stable window handle made of zinc die-casting appears as an unobtrusive alarm.
As soon as the windows or the balcony/terrace doors with the wireless safety alarm handles are closed, the alarm function is turned on and reacts with a loud alarm and visual signal as soon as any break-in attempt is made. A separate glass breaking sensor is not necessary! The smart window handle with alarm functions also during a power outage, as the power supply comes from two AA batteries.

Every wireless safety alarm handle can be directly coupled with various Schellenberg wireless outlets. This completes the simple optical and acoustic signaling device, so that during break-in attempts a siren alarms and light or the outdoor house lighting is turned on. For the interaction between the smart window handle and the smart outlet is no Smart Home Central necessary!

Easy break-in protection for all window frames

If any break-in attempt is made, the alarm function of the wireless safety alarm handle provides a effective audible deterrence (118 dBA, measured at sound exit, alarm length approx. 180 seconds). For a optical alarm signal, a lighting of both LED lights on the handle is featured as well. That way even strangers will know your window is secured, as the two red blinking LED lights can be activated on the handle with the vacation function. They flash periodically to prevent break-ins.

If your intelligent window handle is integrated with the SCHELLENBERG Smart Home System, the handle can send signals through the Smart Home Central SH1, which appears as notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

Comfortable viewing of the handle status on your smartphone or tablet

With the connection of the Wireless Safety Alarm Handle from Schellenberg in the Smart Home System safety and comfort is increased in your home.

Through the Schellenberg Smart App you can install all your settings for the Wireless Safety Alarm Handle in the blink of an eye. That way when you are leaving your house or getting in bed, you can quickly know in which rooms which windows or doors are open, cracked or closed. In addition to displays of the handle position, with the Schellenberg Smart App further practical status displays can be received.

The following functions are offered with the app:

  • Handle Position:Here you find a exact status display for each handle. With one glance, you can see which handle in which room is closed, opened or cracked.
  • Alarm Function: As soon as the handle is closed, the alarm function is activated. The Schellenberg Smart App shows is the alarm is activated on every handle. As soon as a vibration or attempt to open is registered, a notification is sent to the app. Additionally, when the alarm sounds your smartphone or tablet is notified.
  • Vacation Function: After you have set the vacation function (regular blinking of the LED lights on the handle) directly on the window handle, the function is confirmed via the app. Through the app, you can also see if the vacation function is deactivated.
  • Battery Status: It displays if sufficient battery life is there to operate the handle. When the battery runs low, you are notified in ample time that the battery needs to be replaced.

Quick and Easy Increase in Safety

Assembly as well as operation of the window handle with the alarm function is thankfully very easy: in a few minutes you can replace your usual handle with this unobtrusive safety solution on your window frame. The handle witha high quality 4 ball catch can be installed to the right or left and fits with its various settingsstandard square pin (length from 32-43mm)to all window frames. Complicated cabling is not necessary, as the Wireless Safety Alarm Handle from Schellenberg is battery operated and wirelessly connected to the Smart Home Component. To fit fashionably in your window frame, you can find the Wireless Safety Alarm Handle from Schellenberg in white or silver.


  • wireless alarm handle with a loud alarm and optical signal
  • window handle with a high quality 4 ball catch for exact positioning
  • reacts reliably at attempts to break-in or vibrations on the window (no glass breaking sensor necessary)
  • additional vacation function with two regularly blinking red LED lights for optical deterrence
  • direct coupling with many Schellenberg wireless outlets possible (connection of flash, light, siren, etc.). For this no Schellenberg Smart Home Central SH1 is necessary.
  • can be connected with all Schellenberg wireless products through the SCHELLENBERG Smart Home System
  • comfortable status display via app possibility
  • easy assembly within a few minutes
  • square pin standard from 32mm to 43mm adjustable(Allen key incl.).
  • operation through batteries (signal when low battery)
  • delivery includes 2 batteries (AA) with approx. 2 year service life
  • Made in Germany
Width (mm) 36 mm
Height (mm) 144 mm
Depth (mm) 75 mm
Color white

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