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Schellenberg - Simply made for your home

Not just do something – but do something to make things easier for DIY enthusiasts with the help our products. This is the idea with which our company founder Alfred Schellenberg started back in 1984. And we have remained true to this idea to this day. Even though a whole host of new solutions have been added. At that time, it was a practical repair kit that allowed roller shutter belts to be replaced without having to open the roller shutter box.

Today, we're a leading provider of roller shutter drives, roller shutter accessories, insect screens, as well as smart home, awning, and garage door drives, with a total of over 1,100 products: Simply made for your home.

You can build on all this, and a little more, with Schellenberg. We look forward to being there for you with versatile solutions for easy retrofitting, smart drives for the home and our established services.

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