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Insect protection for every case

Enjoying the wonderful fresh air in spring and summer – in case you are not plagued by mosquitoes, flies or flying pollen just then. Fortunately, the defense is already set up: our effective insect protection for windows, doors, beds and light shafts will bring you relaxation. Our solutions range from roller blinds and permanently installable frame systems to curtains, pleated blinds and adjustable fly screens to mosquito nets and light well covers. This way you are well protected in every way, but the insects are also kept from entering without being harmed. And the big advantage, especially for tenants: our insect protection solutions are easily installed and removed quickly and without residue.

We have developed a color coding system on the packaging for better orientation:

  • The color GREEN stands for insect protection / windows
  • The color BLUE stands for insect protection / doors
  • The color GRAY stands for insect protection / accessories