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Insect protection for all occasions

Enjoy the wonderfully fresh air in spring and summer without being bothered by mosquitoes, flies, or pollen flying around. Fortunately, our effective Schellenberg insect protection for windows, doors, roofs, beds, and light shafts is ready to give you relaxation.

Our solutions range from roller blinds and permanently installed frame systems to curtains, pleated screens, and customizable insect screens, including mosquito nets and light shaft covers. This ensures comprehensive protection for you while keeping insects from entering unharmed. A significant advantage, especially for rental apartments, is that our insect protection can be easily installed, removed quickly, and cleanly.

By the way, on our packaging, you'll find this color coding system for better orientation:

  • The color GREEN stands for insect protection / windows
  • The color BLUE stands for insect protection / doors
  • The color GRAY stands for insect protection / accessories